USE: Exterior
SURFACE: Walls, Roofs
PRODUCT: Top coat

Color: White
Appearance: Satin
PACKAGING: 0,75lt /3lt / 10lt

Color: Terracotta
Appearance: Satin
PACKAGING: 3lt / 10lt

Safety Data Sheet available upon request

Acrylat Hybrid Insulating

PU Hybrid elastomeric waterproofing roof membrane

  • Excellent waterproofing

  • Outstanding durability

  • Breathability

Excellent waterproofing – new technology PU hybrid elastomeric sealant. Unique for application on horizontal surfaces with standing water such as roofs, roofs with tiles, etc. It is based on polyurethane and acrylic polymer emulsions of new technology. It covers capillaries and microcracks and its elasticity is not affected by temperature changes.

Its special composition gives it particularly high resistance to salts and alkalis as well as UV radiation. It has top hiding power, great workability and forms a passable waterproof membrane protecting the surface for many years.

Meets the specifications of cool / reflective materials.