USE: Exterior
PACKAGING: 3lt / 10lt

Color: White
Appearance: Matt

Safety Data Sheet available upon request

ThermoCool Hybrid

PU Hybrid elastomeric, energy saving & waterproofing paint for exterior use

  • Elastomeric – waterproofing and hairline cracks coverage
  • 100% acrylic

  • Maximum reflectivity

High quality, hybrid, elastomeric & reflective new generation paint. It offers excellent waterproofing, very good breathability, while its Hybrid character gives it top strength even under extreme weather conditions. It is resistant to mold and algae, offers top elasticity and protects the surface from air pollution. Its high reflectivity makes it ideal for application to surfaces such as walls, ceilings, roofs, terraces, etc. with the appropriate primer.

Meets the specifications of cool / reflective materials.