Drapa chemie’s R&D department, with its well-trained scientific and technical staff and long experience, offers high quality products delivering complete solutions and satisfying even the most demanding customers.

Products that respect the environment and life and are based on quality customer service.

The basic principles that govern the operation of the department are:

  • Use of Natural Raw Materials

  • Use of recycled materials

  • Low initial energy during production

  • Chlorine-free products

  • Systems – materials with high water vapor permeability

  • Low emissions of harmful substances / pollutants from our materials (Low VOC)

  • Hypoallergenic – non-toxic and hazardous materials

  • Contributing to saving resources

  • Production methods and manufacturing systems that contribute to sustainable development

  • Production that contributes to sustainable development

  • Avoid the use of substances harmful to the environment

  • Protection of indoor air quality of buildings